Good Morning, Runner!

Not running sucks, or so runners say. Running sucks, this is what non-runners say. Every morning in the city a runner wakes up at 5 am ready to run. It’s 5 pm and I’m still in bed, forcing myself to leave my comfy happy place to face wind, rain and cold in order to log…


The wind is blowing, strong, crispy, like on a London platform. The sun is rising, beyond the mountain’s peak. The trail is quiet, silent, nobody is there yet. So different from the streets of the city.

This is the End

They say all the beautiful things have an end. They say that’s part of their beauty, otherwise they would just enter the routine. Even though I’m trying to figure out the positive side, I really cannot find the beauty in leaving London. In leaving Laura. In leaving my second family. In leaving my friends.Hyde Park’s…

Find Yourself (& Your Fast)

If you had met me before I left for London, you would have noticed I refused every invitation for a group run. The thing was, I was damn scared.

#SoFast: The Best Night of My Life

Last night, I signed up for my third training at the Nike Town in Oxford Circus. It has started to be kind of a routine: I was no more the new girl, some pacers recognized me as well as some people. I felt part of the group. I was tired, I had signed up with…