My Way Is My Decision

A couple of months ago, I took a decision that would probably change my life as well as my summer. You all know I am crazy about Canada and one of my biggest dreams is to go to university there, but DREAMS DON’T WORK UNLESS YOU DO.

Last Home Run

The thing is, I simply couldn’t say goodbye to my beloved trail. You know, I have been running there since I started running, I have been walking there countless times, I have been crying there and I also gave my very first kiss there.

#10 (double) Photo Diary

Good morning my dear followers, Hope your weeks have been fine. Mine were totally outstanding (and out of town), so that’s why I am late again. Anyway, here’s a short some up of what I have been up these weeks.

I’m Going Back To London!

Isn’t it exciting? In 4 days I will be back to the city that made me fall in love with English a long time ago. I’ve been in London like 7 times, but I always see it through new eyes. It’s going back to the origins, it’s going back home.

From The Other Side

Since I started running, I have always been the trainee, never the trainer. Of course, I am not qualified, or interested either, to be a trainer. But then, my friend Chiara took up running.

Dear Lunar Glide 6

You were the best. We have been through a lot and I have loved you since the very first day.

The Runners’ Code

I like to believe, I am no more that new to the runners’ world. Personally, I took me a while to get used to this world: after 7 years of running irregularly, last March I took a decision that changed my life. 

#9 (double) Photo Diary

I can finally say it: the school is over. The last two weeks were great, but tough. I am sorry for having published only a little, but you will forgive me this summer. For now, hope you enjoy this double photo diary.


There are plenty of things I could eventually say, now that the race is over. I could say I could have run it faster, I could have followed the pacer, I could, I could, I could. You know what? I AM PROUD OF MY RACE.