Run Like A Gazzella

When Chiara and I set up the project “We Run Milano: becoming a runner in 3 weeks” we decided to sign up in a crew. Through Instagram I got in touch with the group “Gazzelle On The Road”, a group full of energy, joy and lust of running. So, after less than two minutes on…

The Real Hero ♥

It has been a while, since I told my best friend I would have run NYC without my dad. It has been a while, since my dad told me he was not in the physical and mental shape to run a marathon with me.

#8 Photo Diary

A new week a new hot diary, do you watch it? Una nuova settimana, un nuovo diario fotografico… Partecipate?

Running A Marathon: This Is How We Roll

Running a marathon isn’t one day of fun, strength and running. So how do we prepare? We all came up with a view on our training sessions and schedule. – How much time does it take to train for a marathon on a weekly basis? – Is it just running? – How do you build…

Quinoa Obsession

I haven’t shared a recipe for a while, so I guess it’s time… Quinoa is probably my latest healthy obsession, second only to nana ice cream. It is versatile, tasty and fresh: the best combo ever.

#7 Photo Diary

Another week, another photo diary… Do you watch it? Un’altra settimana, un altro diario fotografico… Lo guardate?


I was really looking forward to tell you everything about it. A few days ago I posted a photo of my Facebook profile with the written: “I guess #werunpresolana” Some of you, commented on that, asking what was going on, however, my crazy friend/soulmate/companion didn’t let you discover anything. But now it’s time. #werunpresolana is…

Not Only A Marathon

I tried to do my best, but neither this week I got the chance to publish as much as I would. However, there is a topic I haven’t been on for a while: the marathon.

#6 (Late) Photo Diary

Hello, hello! Two days later than planned, but new week new photo diary, do you watch it?

TAG 10 Food Confessions

Jenny ( has just posted about her food confessions then has challenged everybody to tell theirs. Here’s mine!


It’s supposed to be hardIf it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great. – Tom Hanks Not a long time ago I had an unexpected whatsapp talk with Jessica. It wasn’t a good period for me, so training was going bad. She asked me if I really wanted to run…