Like A Pro

So, I bet you have already noticed my excitement in the social networks and, if you are close friends of mine, I have already sent you a Whatsapp audio telling you the news: I AM THE PROUD OWNER OF! Yes, I have finally upgraded my blog, as it is growing positively as well as…


This is the name given to the movement launched by Nike to celebrate Paula Radcliffe’s last marathon, which took place last Sunday in London.

#4 Photo Diary

Another week is finished, time to record what happened!So, I have already told you how my Monday was like, so I will be really outstanding and I will start from Tuesday this time, which, honestly, was quite boring.

Healthy Pie

When I returned home on Monday afternoon, my granny was preparing a delicious apple pie. I believe there is nothing like her warm, homemade pie. The kitchen smells so sweet and fruity after it.

#3 Photo Diary

So, new week new photo diary, do you participate?Yes, I know I am super late, but my wifi hasn’t worked properly for a few days and I couldn’t publish my new post. My after-Easter week was pretty busy, moreover I had to roll around lol (too much chocolate)!

Last Turns

As I mentioned countless times, I am keen on skiing. I wasn’t interested in any sport before I started ski racing. The ski season is unfortunately coming to an end, however, I needed to do some more turns before the snow melts. Consequently, on Tuesday I went to #Sestriere, an idyllic ski resort in Piemonte,…

10 thoughts for 10 km

Have you ever tried to think how hard can 10 km be? I am used to this distance, I run it at least once a week, but they are still though. From the seventh to the ninth it is something terrible, pure pain. However, if you are training for a marathon you have to run…

Quinoa Sushi

I love sushi, it is undoubtedly my favourite food. In my view, it is the biggest contribution Japan has given to the world. It is good in every kind and with every fish inside, there are no bad combinations when the product is good.

Healthy Homemade Nutella

Are you a Nutella addicted? Is Nutella your first thought in the morning? To be honest, that is not my case, but of my bestie, though sometimes I DO need a spoon of Nutella. I am not worried about calories, I mean,  I do not even know how count them lol, but about the ingredients…

#2 Photo Diary

It is this time of the week again, it is time for a photo diary! I expected the week before Easter to be pretty busy, but surprisingly it wasn’t. Anyway… what have I been up these days?

Women That Changed My Life

You probably do not know much of my life, except for what I want you to know by sharing, but I have not always been like this. I have been through a lot of bad moments, that I personally prefer to keep private, from which I took a decision that changed my life.