Sometimes, I Do Write

Some of you have already known that, some have also read part of my something. The truth is I love writing. I could write 24 hours a day every damn day.

Summertime Memories

YESTERDAY, as for most of the Italian guys, was my second-last first day of school. Even if three months of summer seem a lot of time, they are over before you can imagine. I sat at the desk in my room, thinking about that, trying to find out what happened to those amazing 100 days…

First Training Week

Running a marathon has been my dream since I was 11 and now this journey is up to start. My dad promised me to run NYC Marathon when I would be 18 a long time ago, while drinking a coffee at the Trump Tower in New York City, the day after his first marathon. Now…

Hotel Lifestyle

Returning home is a smoothie of different emotions, from summertime sadness (sorry, Lana Del Rey’s influence!) to lust of starting something new. Anyway, even if I miss Canada so much, I guess somebody missed me. Here there are some photos in my hotel-home yesterday! Have a great day!

Canada State Of Mind

There is a moment in the airport, which is called waiting. After the trouble with the luggage over weight, after the embarrassing moment when a big American guard touch you everywhere at the body check, after the gate research. In that moment there is only you, yourself and your ego. There are a lot of…